Friday, February 21, 2014

Europa League (Soldado Miss), Weekend Previews, Cantona Masks, More Gooch, Best Never To Win In England, Rooney Agrees Contract

And there goes another week! Time for domestic action to resume. What have we got? Chelsea vs. Everton looks interesting. The Turin Derby is, well, a Derby. Parma vs. Fiorentina could entertain, but that's on Monday. According to some, the European Match of the Weekend is Real Sociedad vs. Barcelona.

Beyond that? Meh. That's OK, though, because often when things look a little slow on paper, we end up with some solid matches. For instance, Manchester United go to Selhurst Park. Why is that of note? Well, the Palace fans have been in excellent voice all campaign, so the atmosphere should be top-notch. Throw in the plan to wear Cantona masks, and things could get dicey. Here are your usual Premier League Previews & Predictions:

Gosh. The Big Interview this week is Charlie Adam. Really? Fine. If you're not overly excited about listening to what Charlie Adam has to say, fear not. The Top Tenner makes up for it with some of the greatest players never to win the title in England.

Shit be tite in Spain, yo. You've got the sexy three-way at the top, others clamoring for European spaces, and more than a couple clubs fearing the drop. Here's your La Liga Weekend Preview.

He never won the title...
So...Rooney has agreed a new five-and-a-half year contract worth up to £300,000 a week. Is it a demonstration of United's strength? Or desperation...

Right. Matches in Europe yesterday. Tottenham lost. Juventus won. Fiorentina won. Here's a brief wrap, which is really all this competition deserves. Winners & Losers Slideshow? We can't resist.

We've covered Gooch a bit of late. Do The Heads want more? Hell, yeah.

Michael Cox knows a thing or two about tactics. Today, he's addressing the issue of geezers playing defense in the Premier League. Why do the gaffers bring in these old guys?

Everybody is piling on poor Mesut Ozil. The £42.4 million - man is floundering. Will he be the next Arshavin? In with a bang and out with a whimper? Phil McNulty thinks he simply needs a break.

We need a break, too. Check you clowns next week.



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