Friday, February 14, 2014

Adriano, FA Cup, Juande Ramos, The Joy of Six, Onyewu, Eddie Johnson, Brendan Rogers' Face Tattoo

The romance of the Cup: Sunderland shock Leeds at Wembley in 1973.
Whew! Bit of a weather event at SSN Headquarters and we were forced to shut everything down yesterday. We're back up and running, however, and looking forward to another solid weekend of football. It's FA Cup time in England, with Manchester City vs. Chelsea and Arsenal vs. Liverpool leading the listings. In Italy, AC Milan host Bologna today whilst Fiorentina and Inter Milan clash tomorrow. Let's get down to bidness:

Enough of that Cup stuff. In Italy, it'll be four days of fun! Today, Bologna's visit to Milan starts the Serie A week, followed by a 4th vs. 5th clash between Fiorentina and Inter on Saturday. It all wraps up on Monday with Verona and Torino trying to prove they deserve a European position.

Not to be outdone, La Liga is offering four days of action, too! Qué bueno.

Jeff Carlisle has a task: He is attempting to figure out the curious case of Eddie Johnson. Good luck with that.

It's all very curious...
Adriano played soccer. Remember him? Sure, you do. Ahhhh...those were the days. Anyway, he's making a comeback. Yes, you can call it that.

Oguchi Onyewu really wants to play for the U.S. in Brazil. We'd love it if he did. The Yanks will face Mexico April 2 in Arizona in an attempt to prepare for the big summer tourny.

'Tottenham won a cup, everyone was happy. Then? Sacked' Sid Lowe talks to former Tottenham gaffer Juande Ramos in today's The Big Interview.

We've all heard the stories about footballers having trouble adapting to new countries and situations. The BBC has a nice little piece on how some EPL clubs handle foreign stars.

The Joy of Six today is Football Crosses. What are the odds that Golden Balls is featured?

Oh, dear. Someone actually got a tattoo of Brendan Rogers' face. Has it come to this?



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