Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year (our 17th) Happiness, The Mill Returns!, Premier League Updates, Serie A Returns, La Liga Returns, FA Cup, Podcast, Ye Ole Gunnar in at Cardiff

Ahoy! Happy New Year! If memory serves, this is the 17th year that Sanford's Soccer Net has existed in some shape or form. What began as an email to those with interest in Le Foot has morphed into various iterations over the years. This is the current form. Yes, it was in our dorm room at NYU where we first decided to start Def Jam. After hearing that cassette, we knew we had...wait...sorry...that was Rick Rubin. Anyway, BIG UPS to Bobbie BS and Tracksuit Bottoms for being there since Day One.

SSN Original Staffers Tracksuit Bottoms (left) and Bobbie BS (right) on the concourse at Craven Cottage
Now back to our regularly scheduled program. New Years Day action in the Premier League. The biggie was Manchester United vs. Tottenham. As with many of the biggies this campaign, it did not disappoint. Unless you're Moe Szyslak. In that case, you're pissed. Moyes thought The Lloris fouled Diving Ashley Young and United should have had a penalty. Tough to say. We can say that it's interesting to see United not getting calls all of a sudden. Speaking of, it seems like nobody is getting calls. Since that terrible mistake by Mike Riley gifted Chelsea a point against West Brom, the refs have been reluctant to award awards in the box. Perhaps that's just an incorrect perception on recent proceedings by those of us at SSN.

Right. What else? Arsenal stay top after leaving it late to beat gaffer-less Cardiff (not so anymore: Ole Gunnar is the new man in charge down in Wales), Manchester City are right there after cruising past Swansea, Chelsea keep pace, as do Liverpool, and West Ham are in trouble as Captain Kevin Nolan loses the plot. Here's your lot:

Table! The EPL will take a little break so the FA Cup can appear on the scene so let's have a look at the standings. Richard Jolly wants to talk Fulham and the return of Clint Dempsey. Please do so, Jolly.

Whew. We've got a Podcast, thank goodness. Word: And so, Football Weekly returns after a mere three days away for this, our first voyage of 2014, with AC Jimbo, Rafa Honigstein, Barry Glendenning and Paul Doyle in tow. We start with Tottenham's victory at Old Trafford, before discussing the genuine Premier League title contenders – ouch! – with Arsenal showing their mettle against Cardiff, Manchester City powering past Swansea, and Chelsea Mou-ing past Southampton. After catching up with important wins for Fulham and Aston Villa, we round up the rumours doing the rounds now that the transfer window opens again. Finally, we look forward to third round of the FA Cup and the return of the Serie A, with Roma taking on Juve.

Let's see here. Championship strugglers Barnsley have signed U.S. international Brek Shea from Stoke City on a 28-day emergency loan. Good luck, Brek!

Numbers? You want numbers? Fine. Premier League: 2013 in numbers

La Liga swings back into action this weekend. Before those in Spain hit the pitch, let's recall the winners and losers of 2013.

The Mill Returns
2014. What will happen? Grant Wahl looks into his crystal ball and ends up with 14 predictions. Number 6? Sepp Blatter will say at least one offensive thing about women. Come on Wahl, tell us something we don't know.

Well. Would you look at that? The Transfer Window is open once again. Hence, The Mill. Thus, your Plus One.



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