Friday, January 31, 2014

Deadline Day, Weekend Previews, Ronay on Del Piero, The Joy of Six, More Sexism From Gray & Keys

Zaha to Cardiff! Berbatov to Monaco! Holtby to Fulham! Taarabt to Milan?!

And so goes another week. It was a good one, with plenty of excellent mid-week action to sustain us until the weekend. And it's a good thing, because the European Match of the Weekend is actually on Monday. That would be Manchester City vs. Chelsea. But, more on week.

Right. So, the transfer window finally slams shut today and we can move on from this silly, silly season. As such, today we're offering a slew of options to get your fix. Pick your poison: The Mill. Plus One. Deadline Day DealsDeadline Day Live. Deadline Day Live II. Deadline Day Live III.

So other than that match on Monday, there aren't really any other massive fixtures this weekend. Real Madrid's trip to Bilbao, the Derby d'Italia (Juventus vs. Inter Milan), and the Tyneside Derby between Newcastle and Sunderland are the only other matches that stick out on paper. Let's get down to business, beginning with the Premier League:

And now to Serie A. And now to La Liga. Bundesliga? Sure. Why not?

Alessandro Del Piero. Il Pinturicchio. He's still playing down under for Sydney FC. Barney Ronay had the opportunity to see him play and decided to write about it. And that makes us very, very happy.

It is Friday and that means The Joy of Six. Today's edition is Transfer-Deadline Buys (and other late-season follies). Enjoy The Joy.

Whoa! Check this out: 10 U.S. stars to watch for in 2018 by U.S. Men's National Team expert Jeff Carlisle. Thanks, Jeff! Sticking with the U.S., did you know this summer Landon Donovan will participate in his fourth World Cup? Wow. That drinking fountain photo is old.

Good Grief. These guys, again? Assholes. BT Sport, the ball is in your court. Fire Andy Gray and make him go away. For good.

OK. That'll have to do. Have yourselves a fine weekend.



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