Monday, December 09, 2013

Brazilian Violence, Weekend Action, World Cup Draw, Monday Night Football, Match Fixing, MLS Final

A Happy Monday to you. That said, we're going to get all the sad crap out of the way first. We'll start with the shit, and gradually build to a satisfying, happy, pleasant conclusion.

We're going to begin in Brazil, where there were horrific scenes of violence between Atlético Paranaense supporters and Vasco da Gama supporters. Everyone knew it was coming, and yet nothing was done to prevent it. Friend of SSN Chris Gaffney blogs astutely from Brazil and has this post (includes video). Fernando Duarte is also in Rio and wrote about the situation for The Guardian.

OK, enough of that. Match fixing. Six people, including DJ Campbell, were arresting in England.

OK, enough of that. You'll notice in our subject line the words, "World Cup Draw." It happened on Friday. And you already know everything you want to know about it. That's why we're not going to write anything about it or link to anything about it. If you want to know more about it, you know how to find more about it.

Wait, what happened?!
OK, enough of that. There were some fabulously exciting matching in the Premier League on Saturday and Sunday. Weird, wacky stuff, really. Manchester United lost again at home. Chelsea lost to Stoke. Chamakh scored again. Berbatov burst back into form. Crystal Palace won again. Southampton and Manchester City drew. Everton came back to draw at Arsenal.

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Arsenal vs. Everton: 5 Talking Points

If all that excitement wasn't enough for you, do not fret, for there is Monday Night Football to enjoy this...err...afternoon. Swansea vs. Hull! Check in for the fun at 3pm EST on NBCSN.

The talk at Manchester United is off all the dead weight in the squad. Players not worthy of the shirt and all that. Here's a look at who should stay and who should go. Hint: Anderson should go.

Major League Soccer has finally completed its 2013 season. Sporting KC are the champs. In a rather ugly match, the KCs emerged victorious via a shoot-out. This link will give you access to all you need to know.

In Italy, Roma beat Fiorentina. More on Serie A tomorrow. In England, Kagawa ate too much and had to have his stomach pumped.

The FA Cup rarely offers much of note in the third round. Not so this time around, as Arsenal will host Tottenham in what should be a thriller on January 4.
Timmy shaved his beard. An has a lot of tattoos.
A special thanks goes out today to Roy Keane. The Irishman has provided us with a shocking revelation: Sir Alex Ferguson has a massive ego.

We're going to finish on a high note today. The Best Goals of the Weekend!! Woop!



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