Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mexico & Uruguay Cruise, Idiot of the Week, Clint on Loan, Death of Pride Park

It's all rather quiet out there. Not surprisingly, Uruguay had no trouble in Amman, and Mexico duly dispatched with the Kiwis at home. This whole play-off system featuring countries across the globe is stupid. But FIFA is stupid, so...

Before we leave that stuff behind, Tim Vickery wants to discuss Uruguay so we'll oblige.

Idiot of the Week? This guy: Arsenal fan with three wives loses his house after betting on Manchester United clash.

You scored against New Zealand. What do you want? A cookie?
You can expect to see Clint Dempsey playing for someone other than Seattle now that his work there is done for the season. A loan spell is in the cards for Deuce, apparently, with the EPL his likely destination. Fulham? Spurs? Everton? Wait and see.

We'll conclude today's brief post with some sad news. Thinking of catching Derby at Pride Park? Think again.



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