Monday, November 18, 2013

Ivory Coast, Nigeria & Cameroon Go To Brazil, European Action, Podcast, Chile, USA

You saw it right there. Three more nations booked their tickets to Brazil over the weekend. Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cameroon will join the fun across the Atlantic. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see who will fill the other two African spots (Spoiler Alert: Ghana gets one).

Meanwhile, tomorrow's matches in Europe will let us know if France will be drowning their sorrows in pâté, wine, bouillabaisse, and butter, or if they can make a resounding comeback in Paris and send Ukraine home to cry in their banosh with brynza. You see, France lost 2-0 on Friday. They were toothless. They were insipid. They were so poor that most of their countrymen and countrywomen have already given up hope.

Cameroon qualify and it's time to party
Who won the Battle of The Zlatan and CR9? Why, it was CR9! Yup. Ronny scored the only goal as Portugal downed the Swedes. Now back to Stockholm to see if they can handle the Swedish Team at home. More on that tomorrow.

In the other two games, Iceland held on with 10 men to salvage a nil-nil draw with Croatia, and Greece can almost smell the sands of Copacabana after their 3-1 win over Romania.

As you might expect, the Podcast folks are ready to discuss everything that happened in the world of international football. Go: Welcome to another one of Football Weekly's infamous international round-ups! On today's ultra-informed show, AC Jimbo is joined by Barry Glendenning, Jacob Steinberg and Gregg Bakowski to look back on all the World Cup play-offs and friendlies. Fortunately, our gang has a bit of help. Philippe Auclair ponders France's precarious predicament as they stare at the precipice following defeat to Ukraine, Marcus Christenson pops in to tell us why there's still hope for Sweden despite losing in Portugal, and Rafa Honigstein explains why England may yet beat a weakened Germany after the horror show against Chile.

And Martin Samuel has a column that outlines his confusion over the fact that Ronaldo, Ribery and Ibrahimovic might not go to the World Cup...but Panama will.

Chile beat England at Wembley and Tim Vickery takes a look at the South American side managed by Argentine Marcelo Bielsa.

The United States? Yes, they played Scotland. It was about as dreary as a, well, Friday evening in November in Glasgow. 0-0. Three Thoughts? Fine. Sacha Kljestan? Fine.

Fans in Addis Ababa watch as their side fall to Nigeria
So! The European matches are tomorrow, New Zealand host Mexico tomorrow, Egypt and Ghana clash tomorrow, Algeria and Burkina Faso finish tomorrow, and Uruguay host Jordan on Wednesday. And then we're done. Thank The Lord.



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