Friday, September 13, 2013

Real Football Returns, Bale to Play, The Art of the Foul, More Sir Alex at Harvard, Derby d'Italia

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Now that the dust has settled from the World Cup qualifiers earlier in the week (did Clint miss on purpose?!), we can finally return to normal service. Club football gets back underway for the first time since the Transfer Window thankfully slammed its annoyingly leaky frame shut.

Before we get into all of that, however, let's take joy in The Joy of Six. Today we are graced with The Art of the Foul.

Off to Italy with you! Serie A is back and it's time for the Derby d'Italia and the Derby della Lanterna. d'Italia gets top billing here simply because Inter vs. Juventus interests us more than Sampdoria vs. Genoa. Perhaps if we lived in Genoa it would be different. But, we do not live in Genoa.
Ahhh, Genoa.
We do not live in Spain, either. That is where La Liga gets fired up once again and word on the street is Gareth Bale will play for Real Madrid when they go to Villarreal! Elsewhere, Barca host Sevilla and Atlético Madrid host Almeria. Here's your preview.

Let's now head back across the Channel and investigate the slew of fixtures on deck in the Premier League. Things get rolling early tomorrow as Manchester United and new boy Marouane Fellaini host Palace at Old Trafford. Elsewhere, Everton host Chelsea at Goodison Park, Tottenham's new signings try to settle at home against Norwich, Arsenal go to Sunderland, Swansea host League Leaders Liverpool, and Stoke host Manchester City. Here are all the essentials:

You guys remember the case study done on Alex Ferguson at the Harvard Business School? No? It doesn't matter. Here's the info: In 2012 Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse had a unique opportunity to examine Ferguson’s management approach and developed an HBS case study around it. Now she and Ferguson have collaborated on an analysis of his enormously successful methods. Be warned. It's long. And there's a lot of what, as football fans, we'd say is quite obvious. That said (hah), it's an interesting read.

Which new Premier League player are you most interested in checking this weekend?

Who knew Cardiff City would be so welcoming? Lovely.

You want some more of the U.S. and Brazil 2014? Fine. Time for The Diving German to figure out who will be on the plane. Here are Martin Rogers' picks for the 23 lucky lads.

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