Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paolo, Rafael, Phil, Sid, Tim Times Two, Scrappy Old Trafford

Let's begin with Brazil 2014. Those of us at SSN Headquarters will not be attending. You'd have to be mad to deal with that mayhem and give money to the FIFA World Governing Body. Tim Vickery outlines just how expensive a trip to Brazil would be. Tim also bounces south to examine El Superclasico between Boca and River in BA. Well played, luv.

Hey! Pay attention. Right. Phil Ball. One of the best writers you'll ever be able to enjoy when it comes to the world of El Foot. It's Tuesday, so that means we get his column. This week he's talking about, well, who the fuck cares, he's writing and we're reading. Do it. Do it! Meanwhile, his partner in crime Sid Lowe is writing about El Che. Sorry, Elche.

Over in Italy, we've got more Serie A to check out. And here's Paolo Bandini with even more. Love it. He's talking Luca, of course.

Manchester United vs. Chelsea turned out to be a bit of a slop fest. There wasn't much cohesion to the proceedings and it finished scoreless. And Fernando Torres is still awful, in case you were wondering. They actually talked about it. The Media, we mean. They had five points. Daniel Taylor was at Old Trafford, as well. Who was Man of the Match? Why, it was Shrek himself. Phil McNulty looks at the situation with Wayne Rooney. And here's a review of all the weekend action now that it's officially complete.

We missed Gabriele Marcotti's Monday Musings yesterday. Sorry. Here you go. He's talking Real/Barca, Napoli, and more.

Did you learn anything from this weekend in MLS. Anything? Bloody useless. Here are Five Things We Learned.

Raphael Honigstein. Hello! Bundesliga Expect Extraordinaire. Let's rock it.

The Transfer Window remains ajar. Here's what The Mill is churning out. Here's your Plus One.

That's going to have to do it. There's some Champions League action this afternoon but you already knew that.


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