Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Champions League Returns, Americans Abroad, Liverpool Lose, Sky Sports Racism Report

Man. What a night and what a morning. The office is in chaos, and we're way behind on everything. He's the scoop. The Champions League is back. Today we're got Celtic vs. Juventus and Valencia vs. Paris St. Germain. Here's a preview of how it all looks. Per usual, matches begin at 2:45pm EST. Celtic/Juve is on FSC and Valencia/PSG is on FSPlus. Let's get it on!

Sid Lowe is in Madrid waiting eagerly for the Real/Manchester United match that'll have the world watching tomorrow afternoon. He's talking The Special One and what it would mean for him to win another European title.

Yanks Abroad. It's been awhile. Here's what the big names are doing in Europe at the moment.

Liverpool and West Brom played last night. Liverpool had loads and loads of chances. And they lost 0-2 at Anfield. Suarez had a nice dive to win a penalty but Stevie G failed to convert. We were discussing this at SSN Headquarters yesterday. There has to be something in the back of a player's head as he steps up to take the penalty knowing that it was undeserved. It seems like the ones that are saved are often the ones that never should have been given. Just a thought. Chris Bascombe was at Anfield and filed this report.

But that's nothing compared what we think of these morons: 

And that's your sad lot for this Tuesday. Enjoy the matches later...



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