Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gooch Goal, Fiver Christmas Awards, Zenit, Leeds and Chelsea, Parkhurst to Augsburg, Sturridge to Liverpool,

We had an interview link with American Abroad Michael Parkhurst yesterday. In said interview, he claimed he was ready to leave Denmark with the Bundesliga his most likely destination. Today news is he's signed for Augsburg. So, there you go. Another Yank in Germany.

We've got a Yank in Spain, too, and his name in Onyewu. He scored a goal in injury time to assure his Malaga side stay in the Copa del Rey. Way to go Gooch.

Leeds and Chelsea. Chelsea and Leeds. Certainly two of the rougher sides of the 60s and 70s. Well, they are set to resume their rivalry in the Capital One Cup this afternoon. Chelsea have just returned from their loss in Japan so it'll be interesting how they perform in this one. Another loss could really dampen spirits around the club. Here's a preview. And another look back at the two most likeable (cough) sides in English football.

Uli Hesse is in Germany. But, if you've been around SSN for any amount of time, you already knew that. The Bundesliga is hibernating for the winter. Relevant or redundant?

To The Mill! It's December 19, don't you know? Only a few more days until the transfer window opens wide with all its goodies. Apparently Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool is already a done deal. Here's your Plus One.

We heard about Zenit's fans wanting to keep players of color and non-heterosexuals out of the team. Thankfully, the club has responded properly. Jonathan Wilson is an expert in Eastern Europe. He's got a good column that looks at some of the nuances and culture at play.

Arsenal signs five British players to long term contracts and suddenly that's the strategy. Keep "local" players who will be more loyal to the club. Interesting. Jim White does not think it will work.

The Fiver. Everyone's favorite hilarious look at the footballing world. They've got their annual Christmas awards all lined up. Here's one to entice you:

Chelsea in Big Cup. And yes, of course they're entitled to their bus but it doesn't mean the rest of us have to blow smoke up their nether regions for doing so. Besides, their fans had the last laugh – they've won Big Cup and look how happy they are now.

Let's complete the day's work with a look at Americans Abroad. Jozy just keeps scoring.



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