Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ibra! Ibra! Ibra! Neymar! Neymar! Neymar!

Everyone is talking about Ibrahimovic's insane-o goal in the match against England yesterday. There's no point in linking to it here -- it's everywhere. Go find it. Now. Feeling lazy? Fine. Here's a link.  Amy Lawrence has a nice piece on the freak that is The Zlatan (whom we still loath -- arrogant prick)! England lost, by the way.

The United States scored two goals in Russia to snatch a draw from the Evil Empire. There were the usual foolish mistakes, and Russia looked far more dangerous, but there were some positives in the Yank performance. The result means that the U.S. finished the calendar year with its best ever record: won nine, lost two, with three draws. Hope for the future? Let's hope so. Grant Wahl has his usual Three Thoughts. Avi has his usual Player Ratings. Here's a report.

Here's a wrap of what else when on in these meaningless matches.

To go along with the wonder-strike from the Swede, check out this outrageously poor penalty from Neymar. Brazil played Colombia up in the Meadowlands and this might be the worst spot kick we've ever seen! Hilarious stuff:

Nice, right?  OK, what else is out there? Well, the North London Derby is this Saturday. We might as well get things going on that front, right? AVB says Spurs need to finish above Arsenal to make the Champions League. Seems logical.

Back to those goals. In more than 35 years covering international football for the BBC, John Motson has seen 200 matches and been to 10 World Cups. Who better then to place Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wonder goal in the context of some of the great strikes we have seen over the years.  Here, Motson reveals his top 10 international goals of all time.

Remember Papiss Cisse? He plays for Newcastle. Our Editor plays pick-up on Sunday mornings with his brother, Cherif. Anyway, Papiss has been in a bit of a sophomore slump. Now we know why...

That's all, folks. Tune in tomorrow for previews for the real football that's set to return at the weekend.




Bobbie BS said...

wow, that's just some brutal shit. Still I'll take Beckham's miss in Euro '04 v Portugal if only because the footage of sad England fans always cracks me up.

Unknown said...

Ibra's been the most interesting player for over a decade and he finally found a team that appreciates him.