Friday, October 19, 2012

Things Done Changed

That's right. We've had enough of the format we've been utilizing here at SSN Headquarters over the past several years. Frankly, we just don't have the time or desire to continue to search out every single article we think to be of note every morning. So, we're going to try something new. We'll have less posts and a bit more opinion. We'll link to a few articles, but you know how to find the shit you want to read, right? So we don't need to put everything out here every day.

Let's get started. Who knew Paolo Bandini was in KC for the USA/Guatemala match? Shouldn't he be in Italy? We just noticed his report. Here it is.

Something we always like is the Friday MLS Forecast. It keeps us updated on the local league.

Thank God the internationals are over. Real soccer returns tomorrow. The biggie in England is the London Derby between Chelsea and Tottenham. It's at White Hart Lane. How good are Spurs? How good are Chelsea? Should be a good one. The other key fixture in the EPL is the Tyne/Wyre Derby between Sunderland and Newcastle. But unless you support one of those clubs, it's not really a match that gets the heart racing.

We saw the the USA will play at Russia in a friendly next month. Let's hope nobody gets hurt. Here's a look at the upcoming Hex.

No real epic clashes on offer in Spain or Italy. Both leagues get back to business tomorrow. Here's Eduardo's Quiniela.

David Silva got hurt. Don't you love international breaks?

Scott Parker won't be back in action for a while. Here are Lawro's EPL Predictions.

Has Wayne Rooney fulfilled his potential?

A brothel is sponsoring a Greek team.

John Terry is an asshole. No article here. Just a statement.

Sid Lowe on Spain's path to Brazil. 

And we'll leave you with a Joy of Six.



Bobbie BS said...

New format, pretty exciting! Can't agree more on the JT thing.

Bartholomew said...

I dig it.