Thursday, August 02, 2012

Gabriele Marcotti: Robin van Persie's Next Move

So Thierry Henry has come out and said that while he'd love it if Robin van Persie stuck around at the Emirates, he is confident the club can cope with his departure.

What else is he supposed to say? Go all Chicken Little and warn of falling skies over Goonerland?

Henry sums up the way many Arsenal fans (and manager Arsene Wenger himself) view Van Persie. He's an important asset, but not one who is worth keeping at any price. Where folks might differ is what value to put on his head.

And it's interesting to note that there hasn't exactly been a stampede to the Dutchman's door, suggesting that maybe Van Persie is somewhat overrating his value and what he may be worth to other clubs. Obviously, for any club, there's a price at which it makes sense to sign him and one at which you'd be best served to run the other way, especially if his agent starts talking five-year deals and eight-figure annual wages for a guy who turns 29 next Monday.

With this in mind, how about a cost benefit analysis among those reportedly chasing Van Persie?

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