Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Richard Jolly on Tim Cahill: An Everton Icon

Even the celebrations were symbolic. Tim Cahill treated many a corner flag as a punchbag, bouncing as he boxed. For eight years, his fighting spirit helped Everton punch above their weight, his combativity copied by his colleagues. But, as the Australian prepares to trade Merseyside for Manhattan, the Toffees of Everton for the Red Bulls of New York, his methods provided a metaphor in themselves. Cahill stands under six feet, but he leaps above rather bigger men and 31 of his 56 Premier League goals came with his head. Rather than being camouflaged by a crowd of giants, he helped Everton reach unexpected heights. Eight seasons at Goodison Park brought seven top-eight finishes; his debut campaign remains as remarkable as it appeared then.

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