Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sam Kelly in South America

With Brazil 2014 now just two years away, the race for qualification is hotting up in South America, where we're starting to get a picture of the likely contenders after the latest double round of qualifiers. The suspects in question are pretty much the usual ones, but that's not stopped one or two interesting results over the last week-and-a-bit. The biggest winners, of the sides who played in both rounds of the double header at least, were Chile, who had two potential banana skins to step over on away trips, and managed in both cases to walk quite comfortably around them without slipping up. On Saturday, June 2, they were in La Paz to take on Bolivia, and claimed a 2-0 win with a goal in each half from Charles Aranguiz and Arturo Vidal. It was the second time in a row that Chile had recorded a 2-0 away win over Bolivia and was enough to keep them in the running for the top spot in the group, which they claimed on Saturday just gone with another 2-0 away win, in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela.

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