Saturday, June 23, 2012

France vs. Spain

They weren't showing it in the bar down the hill from our house.  But, they were showing it in the living room of the owners of the bar's house.  Which, of course, was adjacent to the bar.  The crowd varied from The Editor by his lonesome to The Editor, four chain-smoking guys, and the woman working the bar.  Spain were their usual selves: quick, decisive, neat.  France has some weapons (Ribery worked his ass off), but they had no flow whatsoever and with the exception of a few minutes around the 60 minute mark, never looked threatening.  I had a few Moretti and enjoyed myself greatly.  Tomorrow they'll bring out the big screen and have a full dinner in the area in front of the church.  It'll be great until I have to look at John Terry.    -Ciao.


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Bintrao said...
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Bobbie BS said...

Sanford my heart goes out to you, trapped in a room with chain smoking dagos. I hope you told them to stop.