Thursday, April 19, 2012

Argentina: Téo Gutierrez's Future is Unclear

It ended with a midafternoon taxi ride. Teofilo Gutierrez was escorted out of the home of rivals Independiente and into a taxi by one of the directors of his club, Racing Club de Avellaneda, and informed that he should go home. It had been another torrid afternoon for "Téo," a 26-year-old Colombian international, and a player described by Juan Román Riquelme as "the best center forward in the whole country." With Téo, it's never about a lack of ability though. Since his arrival in Argentina, his goal-scoring exploits have gradually been more and more overshadowed by his controversial acts. In a country that has no real issue with simulation or gamesmanship, the fact that Téo's conduct has so enraged people gives you an insight into this complex character.

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