Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What if ... the FIFA World Cup had been played in a different year

It's special, the World Cup. And one of the things so special about it is the fact that it's only contested once every four years. The excitement builds and the novelty remains. But what if the beauty of the World Cup is also its weakness?

You see, fans the world over debate whether the Brazil side of 1970 was perhaps the greatest that international soccer has ever seen. We are in awe too of the brilliant Dutch who were edged out by the Germans in 1974. But why should 1970 and 1974 be singled out -- what other potentially legendary sides might we have missed in the intervening years?

In club soccer we wouldn't settle for it. If the same principle were applied to the European Cup then we would be talking of the Feyenoord side of 1970, followed by the Bayern Munich of 1974.

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Bobbie BS said...

Looking forward to the second part in this series: "What if England Didn't Suck Balls?"