Monday, November 07, 2011

MLS Playoff Wrap

Another year, another weird MLS Cup format. This year we saw a 1 game play in then a second round of home and away then single game conference championships before a single championship match. Why is the second round 2 legs but the conference championships aren't? As always with MLS the answer is, "Because". It's no surprise to see Jewel of MLS playing for the title, though they have yet to claim one in the Beckham era- they spend a ton on their squad and generally in a much smarter way than the other mega-money team in MLS (I'm looking at you, New Jersey) and they've put up the results all year. Houston is a bit of a surprise at this stage but it wouldn't be MLS Cup without a representative of the Lightning-in-a-Bottle contingent. Of course due to the ongoing tediousness of the international fixture calendar both teams are faced with the prospect of sending off squad members to play in (mostly) meaningless friendlies and hoping that the players come back safe and sound before the big match in two weeks time.

Dynamo top Sporting Kansas City to reach MLS Cup finals
Galaxy earns spot in MLS title game with 3-1 win

Galaxy Stars off to International Duty

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