Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roberto Gotta in Italy

The Serie A is a marketing miracle whose case history should be a mandatory part of every course in business schools around the world. 'Why?' you may, or rather should, ask. Consider what follows.

Almost every year, a match-fixing scandal erupts, leading to point deductions, bans and a general feeling that what we see out on the pitch - especially results from March onwards - should not be trusted in its entirety. The Lega Serie A, the top-flight's governing body, is a fractious assortment of owners and directors who should be sued for improper use of the term 'league' by bona fide organisations like the NFL, as the clear goal of most of them is to create an uneven playing field and a financial divide with the others.

Most games are played in dilapidated, uncomfortable grounds where access is complicated by a general lack of advance information about something as simple as how to get a ticket - and you do not even need to get off the couch anyway, as the Lega's complete sell-out to television networks means you can access every game on one of the two available platforms.

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Silvio toasts his bosom buddy Muammar Qadaffi.