Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Phil Ball in Spain

Saturday night in San Mames, Sunday night in Anoeta. It's a hard life. I've just come out of the U2 concert in the latter stadium, and left the folks jigging up and down so that I can get on with writing this week's column. I must be getting old, but once they'd done 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' (ahem) I thought I'd better get on home. Besides, the light show was starting to make me feel sea-sick. At a place called vertigo, indeed. Give me a football match any day. Bono did mumble something about the World Cup at one point - something about the Irish not even getting to South Africa, but that 'you' did - by which he meant Spain, I suppose. Hello, hello! And I thought the chap was supposed to be politically aware?

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