Wednesday, August 11, 2010

International Friendly: United States 0 - 2 Brazil

This was what Brazilian fans expected of its national team at the World Cup: free-flowing football, clever passes and a youthful core of exciting players, led by Alexandre Pato and Neymar. O jogo bonito, the beautiful game, was on display -- at least Brazil's half -- in New Jersey, and it was more than enough to defeat an almost full-strength, lackluster U.S. national team, 2-0.

Davis: U.S. no match for Brazil
Vickery: Brazil's future hopeful

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Unknown said...

went to the game last night...certainly a treat to see a brazilian national team play live. get a much more complete sense of how good they really are. Neymar was stellar. USA...yikes, that was a heartless, depressing...salt on the wound that was just starting to seal itself up. bornstein is truly a horrific player, altidore, not an ounce of creativity. i think they were still weighed down by the ego damage from the disappointment of the cup. but not worth going into detail as it's just not a good time for international play, it's time for the real deal club scene.
-thanks to brazil and they're fans though, the energy was quite electric and was quite a treat to be a part of it. Rock On!!!

The Editor said...

Agreed on all points. I watched about 2/3 of the match and it was more enjoyable than 90% of the World Cup. The Brazilians were there to play and enjoy themselves while the Yanks were slow and predictable. Bornstein?! Bornstein?! Is there really nobody else we can get in there? Both he and Spector are so worthless.

Thanks for the comment and thank God club football is right around the corner!!