Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paul Doyle: Why is diving by English footballers so often overlooked?

English footballers are as hypocritical as randy clergymen when it comes to preaching one thing and doing another.

Much of the media are guilty of something worse: bigotry. If a foreigner did it, deport the swine. If an Englander did it, move along, nothing to see here.


Bartholomew said...

After some consideration...I think we need to ban English players from the English game. Players like Shrek disrespect the game. Think of the little ones...

The only sensible thing to do is have the FA ban him for three games, boo him every time he touches the ball, ask for a replay, and then stop signing English players as they are all cheats like Rooney.

Bobbie BS said...

Jackie you're way off. The solution to this mess is to seed Ireland into the quarterfinals of the World Cup.