Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchester United Win Champions League

Well, the Champions League final turned out to be far better than expected. Ultimately it was a pretty good reflection of the Premier League: the entertainment came from pieces of great skill and verve, but also from sloppy passing and frenetic running. It arguably lacked the finesse and beauty of great CL finals, but there was also no sign of the tactical tedium all too present in past games. It even had the crazy 20 man pushing session which seems obligatory at every EPL game. You have to feel for John Terry but considering their opponents throughout the competition, the fact they haven't lost a game and their style of play, you can't really argue that ManU don't deserve the title.

Abramovich homecoming wrecked by United
Richard Jolly's Report

If you were in the Nou Camp in Barcelona nine years ago and here in the small hours of this morning you never again need to be told that a football match is never lost until the last kick and that sport, like life, can be as wonderful as it is cruel
Ferguson's competitive spirit edges epic contest

Despite coming breathlessly close, a fatal penalty slip by John Terry left Manchester United celebrating the European crown
A fast-paced cliffhanger to thrill a continent

A penalty shoot-out was the perfect way to end a wonderful Champions League final
Paul Doyle: a match worthy of champions

Red card may be fitting finale for player who infuriates and bedazzles all in equal measure
Drogba long walk

Despite English sides putting La Liga and Serie A in the shade, Italy and Spain were watching the match rather than sulking
World tunes in to watch English battle of Europe

Police use tear gas to quell Chelsea fans

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Bobbie BS said...

Ultimately I can't feel too bad for John Terry. He's the team Captain and he undoubtedly put himself in the fifth position, feeling that he wanted the responsibility and associated glory of taking the kick to win the whole thing. The thing I found so surprising was the difference between Cech and Van Der Sar during the kicks; Cech guessed wrong on every kick but the one he saved from Ronaldo, whereas Van Der Sar went the right way almost every time. If ManYoo had bought him two years earlier they'd have won at least one more title.