Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Robert Green is an Idiot

Robert Green is confused, or maybe just a moron. In discussing England's failure to qualify for Euro'08 he fingers video games as the culprit, but then goes on to imply that if everyone in England were as poor as various Latin American countries then the national team would be stronger. In an effort to further weaken his own argument he also seems to indict England's coaching setup-

"We have the players and the best league in the world. The way the game is played here is so different though. Watching the Premier League is like Formula One - it's that quick - and then you go to an international game and it's like a game of chess."

So which is it Mr. Green? Are England out because Lamps and Gerrard spent too much time playing Championship Manager when they were kids, or because they had too much to eat when they were younger, or because they kept taking the field with overly simple game plans which were easily exploited? And if it really is down to footballers needing to come from a background of poverty how do you explain the French, Italian and German teams continually showing up in World Cup finals?

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