Friday, November 02, 2007

England: Premier League Previews -- But Mainly Arsenal vs. Manchester United

The spoils were shared in last week's crunch match between Liverpool and Arsenal. This week, the Premiership leaders face Manchester United, who stand second. We should look forward to a fiery and feisty game, which should also give us an idea of which of the sides could win the league.

Fifth-placed Blackburn face Liverpool, with both sides going into their own crunch match with a host of injuries. Can either side take advantage? And don't forget the Monday game, where Manchester City, who were crushed 6-0 by Chelsea last week, face Roy Keane’s Sunderland...

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will go into this weekend's Premier League clash with Manchester United with no fresh injury worries.

Hleb revels in his rise from scapegoat to shining light at resurgent Gunners

Rebuilt Rivals Set For Battle

Phil McNulty: Fabregas Holds the Key
Alan Hansen: United Strength Begins in Defense

Arsenal v Manchester United

Emirates Stadium
Saturday, 3 November
Kick-off: 1245 GMT
Arsenal v Man Utd


Unknown said...

No offense, but this is what annoys me about this blog. The content is great but the presentation sucks! So unorganized. Let the other guy who does occasional posts do it every day - Alec. His pictures and comments are pretty funny, but above all it's coherent and readable. Why doesn't he post more often?
You'll probably delete my comment, but it's just my opinion.

Alec said...

Gary, should I make the cheque out to Gary or Mr Pedantic?

The Editor said...

Andy -- thanks for the comment! This post is a bit disorganized, I agree, but could you elaborate a bit? I appreciate your criticism. It's the only way to improve. Are you looking for more prose as opposed to just links? Thanks! -Sanford

Unknown said...

Alec, you can make the check out to Andy Pedantic. I was just giving you some props!

Thanks for listening to my POV Editor! I do like the comments, especially some of Alec's, which are pretty funny at times, but guess they take up time.
I just find some posts a bit unorganized. If you look at Alec's posts they are always Title, Picture, Comment, with the Article underneath. All the way through. I just find it neater and easier to read. More pleasing on the eye. But that's just me.
Keep up the good work! Andy

The Editor said...

Thanks again, Andy. Title, Picture, Comment, Article Underneath. I'll strive to follow that model. I agree that it's a good one. And I'll pressure Alec to post more often!! Cheers, Sanford