Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Setanta Vs Sky

Sky Sports' coverage of cricket in England is excellent. Although most of the presenters are ex-players, the people in charge of cricket at Sky made two masterful decisions:
1. check the ex-players had something interesting to say.
2. check the ex-players could actually speak English.
And what a surprise, it worked, viewing was actual improved.

Unfortunately the Sky cricket people and the Sky footie people don't seem sit at the same table for lunch. Andy Gray certaintly knows a bit about football but also happens to be a annoying, loud-mouthed boor. And prettyboy Jamie Redknapp, brought in 2 yrs ago, surely has it written into his contract that he can't say anything interesting. But it's the ex-players, brought in for each individual game, who really begger belief. Top of the lot is Jason Mcateer. Some examples of Jason's wisdom:

When asked on a credit card application to state his position in the company in which he worked, his response was "I'm a central midfielder but the boss is playing me at right wing back
Ordered a pizza when dining at a restaurant with his team-mates.
When asked if he wanted it cut into four or eight slices, he replied "Four, because I'm not that hungry.
Alan Thompson, an ex-Bolton team mate of Jason's, once asked McAteer to "Pass the tomato ketchup;" the answer Alan received was "Red or brown?"

Hopefully things will be better on Setana. McManaman used to have his own column in the Times, which was pretty good and not ghost written, so there is room for optimism.

If only the had Max Bretos and that twat who goes on about onion bags from Fox.

Underdog Setanta takes on Sky at its own game

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