Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blanco to debut with Fire on July 22

Too bad. I was all good and ready to spit on his sorry ass at the match tonight. Yes, I'm excited because I'm making my first pilgrimage to the Yoda for the Fire/Dynamo match tonight. The other day, Mrs. Editor pointed out that it’s been seven years since we’ve lived in Chicago. Shocking, I know. But true. Sniff. Sniff. Those were the glory years of the Fire. The double in 1998. Tailgating by the lake at Soldier Field. The mass arrest of our group when a classic summer storm blew in and we fled to shelter under the massive roof of McCormick Place. With our beers. The fuzz decided that was not to be and we were all cited. Bloody Chicago cops. Wanker racist pigs. OK, maybe not all of them but most of the clowns I came up against during my tenure in the Windy City. But I digress. Bobbie will scoop me at Midway (with Bari sub in hand!) this evening and we’re off to the new soccer specific arena. Expect a match report mañana.

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