Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ronaldo Lawsuit

I saw this photo in the Guilin airport and immediately some sort of bell went off in my head. "Ronaldo and lozenge and China...hmmm." Didn't he sue someone about that?" Turns out he did indeed. Back in January.

The ads are still up in this southern city and they're everywhere.

From Time Magazine's China Blog:
The lozenge maker invited him to a banquet in 2003 (and paid him a handsome sum for him to attend), but apparently never mentioned how all of the pictures taken that night would be used. (Danwei smelled foul play back in November 2003 when the ads first appeared.) But Ronaldo, alas, only learned about his purloined visage when another Chinese company invited him to become its spokesman and asked him to terminate his relationship with Golden Throat.,,1999564,00.html

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