Friday, February 09, 2007

Mexico Has No Class...The "New" Dirty Sanchez?

Perhaps we have a new definition of The Dirty Sanchez. Rarely will I agree wholeheartedly with US soccer commentators, but when Arena called this "classless" move he hit the nail right on the head.

If you didn't read Luis Bueno's piece that I posted yesterday, be sure to check it out. He outlines so many of the issues I have with the Mexican team. Why can they not bring themselves to shake hands with the US team after they lose? Why do they insist on making excuses time after time? They have not even scored on US soil since the Clinton Administration and yet there is always some reason, other than the fact that they just got their asses beat. It really pisses me off, but I can take comfort in the fact that we continue to have their number. Lando's goal (see link above) is so nice and you know it hurt them so bad. And that makes me happy.

When I went to the Mexico/Portugal match in Germany I really enjoyed giving all the Mexican fans stick about their ineptitude versus the U.S. But to a man (and maybe one woman?) they continued to insist that they are far superior to the USA and have in fact dominated us of late. They seemed perplexed when I explained that they could not beat us on American soil, and that the Azteca was their only hope for a win, as proved in 2002 when we ousted them. It was weird, to be honest. A permanent state of denial. Anyway, I rooted hard for Portugal...

Mexico? You suck. -Sanford

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