Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nick Bidwell on Dimitar Berbatov

I always enjoyed watching Berbatov in the Bundesliga. He's got excellent poacher instincts and he can also score from outside the area. I think it was an astute purchase by Jol. Spurs now have an extremely potent strikeforce -- they will be fun to watch. -Sanford

p.s. - he's Bulgarian, not Romanian


Anonymous said...

Isn't Berbatov Bulgarian? If he is, why do they keep calling him Romanian? But if he's Romanian why do they keep talking about Stoichkov? Wouldn't the most famous Romanian player be Hagi? It would almost be understandable if they screwed up consistently throughout the article but the fact that his apparent nationality keeps changing is really pretty sad.

The Editor said...

He is indeed Bulgarian. Very poor work on Soccernet's part. Thanks for pointing that out. -Sanford